Our legacy

For Dave Kennedy, owner of Pro-Vision Optical, eye care is a lifelong passion. Since founding Pro-Vision Optical in 1990, Dave and his dedicated team have been serving the St. John’s community with unparalleled care and expertise.

Dave’s approach to eye care is simple: by understanding a customer’s needs, he can produce products to suit their lifestyle.

“We look after people,” said Dave of his philosophy

With Pro-Vision Optical, Dave has been proving himself right for 28 years.

Dave knows eyewear and his customers. He learned the trade from his father, who was also in the optical industry. Even as a kid, Dave grew up tinkering with frames. He’s been working in the industry now for 40 years.

Pro-Vision Optical has been providing an unparalleled vision experience at the Queen’s Road location for the last 19 years. Customers know that when they walk in the door, their needs will be met with a warm smile and familiar face.

Trust Pro-Vision Optical with your eyewear needs and become a part of our legacy of satisfied customers.